Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Amy’s Angels is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety. We also have workers comp.

Absolutely! Your assigned cleaners will bring the supplies needed for your cleaning. Keep in mind our cleaners do not carry ladders and laundry detergent. You may notify us if you can provide those for your cleaning if necessary.

You have the freedom to also provide products that you want the cleaners to utilize.

The cleaning includes but is not limited to: clean and scrub bathrooms, mop all floors, vacuum carpets, clean surface areas of the kitchen. It also includes laundry services and deep cleaning of appliances. The cleaners work upon request as long as time permits and as long as the tasks are within reach. Keep in mind our cleaners do not carry ladders for safety reasons.

We recommend to let us know 3 to 4 days in advance. You are more than welcome to schedule as soon as you are ready. Our office staff will do their best to accommodate to your schedule. Please note we cannot guarantee availability if scheduling the same day.

We understand, things can come up last minute and you have to cancel. In order to avoid our cancellation fee (fee varies on type of cleaning) you need to cancel 1 day before the scheduled cleaning BEFORE 5PM (our offices close at 5PM daily). If you must cancel after 5PM the day before or that same day of the cleaning you will be charged the cancellation fee. Please note the fee is for the time and mileage reimbursement to the cleaners dispatched to your location.

Yes! Laundry services are included as long as you can provide detergent and the machines are within the premises.

The cleaners will also assist in folding clothes, towels, and linen if no washing is needed. We do not provide ironing services.

We cannot guarantee an exact start time. There is no way of predicting how traffic can be or if a client will request additional time for their scheduled cleaning. However, we schedule accordingly to have enough time for a cleaning to be completed and you will be content.

Amy’s Angels Cleaning is not a referral agency. Our cleaners are employees and go through an extensive hiring process to ensure quality.

It is recommended to at least be there initially so you can provide access to the cleaners. We also ask to provide an initial walk through to pinpoint the areas you want the cleaners to target. You may simply return at the end of the cleaning to do a final walk through.

If it’s the case you will not be present you may notify the office the location of where a lockbox will be with the code or if there is a hidden key. We advise to also provide notes of what your main focuses are to ensure the cleaning is up to your expectations.