Amy’s Angels cleaning technicians are equipped to clean and disinfect residential and commercial spaces.  Our technicians are prepared now more than ever to perform services according to CDC protocols. With the rapid spread of COVID-19 it is crucial to take the precautionary steps to contain the spread. Hire a professional to clean and disinfect your space.


Amy’s Angels has over 10 years of experience in dealing with indoor biological pollutants

Indoor Biological pollutants are:

  • Pollen
  • Insect parts (e.g. cockroach parts)
  • Animal dander
  • Dust mites
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Amy’s Angels Cleaning is now providing Disinfecting Cleaning Services to environments in Southern California with exposure to SARS-CoV-2

In accordance to the CDC’s recommendation, Amy’s Angels Cleaning uses EPA-registered disinfectants. Given SARS-CoV-2 is a pathogenic virus the products utilized for disinfecting services carry the EPA-approved emerging viral pathogen claim



The first step in disinfecting is to ensure that the space requested is cleaned properly. Surfaces may look clean to the visible eye but there may be microorganisms (germs and dirt) attached to the surface. The microorganisms will work as a layer and can reduce the effectiveness of a disinfectant. Do not risk the dwell time of a disinfectant due to having dirty surfaces.

Following CDC and OSHA protocols, Amy’s Angels Cleaning will target cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. 

Cleaning of Frequently Touched Surfaces include:

    • Tables/Countertops
    • Desks
    • Door knobs
    • Light switches/handles
    • Toilets
    • Faucets/Sinks
    • Remotes/Electronics

Cleaning of carpeted floors, rugs, drapes, and upholstery will be with a specialist.

Once the cleaning of the surfaces is done disinfecting solution to the surfaces will be applied. Application of the disinfectant will be delivered by different methods such as mechanical spraying. Our cleaning technicians are trained with the equipment needed for disinfecting of large spaces such as commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, and residences.

With the “Safer at Home” Order in place for the Los Angeles County many businesses have been closed and orders residents to stay home.  

Below are tips to follow in order to minimize your risk at home. These also work as care tips once your disinfecting cleaning services are completed by Amy’s Angels Cleaning.



    • Frequent Hand Hygiene – wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and if available you can clean your hands with hand sanitizer as well
    • Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces – avoid sharing any household items with others. If you do, consider these items part of the frequently touched surfaces and clean these items thoroughly (E.g. TV remotes, tablets, keyboards, keys, etc.)
    • Launder Items Appropriately – follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly wash items. Make sure you also clean the bags/hampers you used to carry the dirty laundry
    • Do Not Shake Hands – greet others without contact whether at home/workplace/commercial building
    • Hold Virtual Meetings – avoid gathering in large and if not possible hold your meetings in an open ventilated space

If you need guidance in the proper care for your space contact Amy’s Angels Cleaning. If you are interested in getting a quote for cleaning and disinfecting services give us a call at (310)-845-5338 or fill in our form request  here.

Coronavirus Resources:

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The Journal Of Allergy And Clinical Immunology (JACI) COVID-19 Site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Site

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Site

Real-Time Infection Rates: Worldwide and Los Angeles County by Location

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