Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. started with a great mission in mind: to help empower women through cleaning.

Despite the many advances of cleaning equipment, cleaning still relies on human power to maintain a property.

At Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc., we will guide you into having a healthier home. We seek to improve lives, make room for new opportunities, and create personal moments that leave the most positive impact. It is our duty to make Earth a better place one cleaning at a time.

Amy Mikhaiel

Maghreb Business Babes

“I would like to thank Amy for the coaching, she did an amazing work, I’m the Co-Founder of M Le R, a bio-cosmetics brand, she helped me to overcome my fears to start my project and than she was also there for me to help me developing my business[…]

Voyage LA Magazine | LA City Guide

Each home I cleaned motivated me to want to achieve the same lifestyle these families had. I wanted to be successful and be praised for my achievements, however, I was still just a housekeeper. I did not let that stop me, for in 2010, I came up with the plan to start my own cleaning company […]

Mops To Millions

I am Amy Mikhaiel, welcome to my page. I am originally from Algeria, I decided to move to the city of Los Angeles in 2008. I initially began as a housekeeper and now I am an entrepreneur and a business coach. With great desire and struggle, I established my own cleaning company.

Office Staff Members

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Spectacular creative manager! She represents the risks we are not afraid to take. We love showing our passion in the cleaning industry!

Fantastic company manager! Her magnificent compassion and energy in the workplace sets the perfect example of leadership!

Operations manager ensures everything is up to date. Southern California is a large area to provide service to!

Always in style! Head of Finance assures our business flows smoothly!

Sweet customer service manager soothes and provides the best customer care for your cleaning needs. Take advantage of her angelic voice!


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