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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a busy schedule and chores that seem to never be finished? Have you fallen behind on household cleaning and feel like you’ll never catch up?

Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. can help! Whether you need a one-time spring cleaning, clean-up after renovations or deep move-out/move-in cleanings, Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. is a service you can rely on. We recognize that each homeowner may have different expectations of how their properties are to be cleaned. Be sure to inform while booking and/or directly to the cleaners of all your requests! All of our professional housekeeping staff are bonded and insured to guarantee the safety of your home and your family. Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. is also dedicated to preserving the environment. We keep up to date with environmentally friendly “green” cleaning products on the market. Our staff is supplied (excludes laundry detergent and ladders) to perform residential cleanings. We come prepared for each job in uniform and leave the house looking dazzling.


              • Clean mirrors and glass shower enclosures
              • Wipe down counter space
              • Wipe out and vacuum cabinets
              • Wipe top of baseboard with wet cloth
              • Wipe down interior and exterior door and door handles
              • Wipe down light fixtures
              • Clean toilet including bowl, rim and underside of lid and seat cover
              • Sweep and mop floors 


              • Blinds and windows
              • Dust window sills
              • Wipe down top of baseboards with wet cloth
              • Wipe closet shelf of dust or debris
              • Wipe down closet and bedroom door and door handles
              • Sweep and mop floor


              • Sweep and mop floors
              • Wipe down top of baseboards with wet cloth
              • Wipe down counter top
              • Wipe out and vacuum all cabinets
              • Wipe down microwave, oven top and front of oven with a cloth (will be done only upon request)
              • Wipe down any wall fixtures that may accumulate dust


              • Sweep and mop hallway floors
              • Wipe down top of baseboards with wet cloth


              • Vacuum stairs
              • Wipe down handrails
              • Wipe down light fixtures in stairwell

Moving can be an incredibly stressful and busy time for any individual or family. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, it is important to leave behind a clean space for the new residents. Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. can relieve the pressure of having to deep clean your previous home while juggling the stress of moving.

Alternatively, there are few things worse than arriving to your new home to find it is in need of a serious deep cleaning. You want to start fresh in your new space, and Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. is here to help you do just that. We have a fully tailored move in/out cleaning service which includes steam cleaning carpets (with carpet specialist), sweeping/mopping floors, and detailed cleaning of all rooms.

For residential cleaning our staff works upon request. We accommodate to every single client so don’t be shy and let them know your needs. We currently work at a 3 hour minimum with two cleaners. If your home doesn’t need much cleaning our housekeeping staff is exceptional at organizing items and laundry (folding and putting away linen).

Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. continues to serve homes in the Los Angeles County and several surrounding cities such as Long Beach, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, Cypress. We are in the process of offering more services for smaller homes such as studios (less than 3 hours). Stay tuned.

Additional Services with a Specialist

A fully supplied specialist will be sent for a minimum of $110 for a visit. Request a quote for prices of rooms (depends on size of room), living room, hallways, stairs and for additional cost for spot treatment and pet treatment.

For large homes feel free to reach us at

A fully supplied specialist will be sent for a minimum of $110. For each item request prices vary. 

Please note we do not perform mattress cleaning.

Please send photos of what you request to 310-845-5338 or via email

A fully supplied specialist will be sent for a minimum of $140 for a visit. This includes professional cleaning of interior and exterior (tracks and screens).

  • $14 per window
  • $16 per French window
  • $20 per glass sliding door
  • pressure washing of windows (please call/email for further info)

Reach us for our specialist’s availability at 310-845-5338 or via email

For pressure washing please reach us at to provide estimate based on area requested.

Request a Quote:

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