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Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. started with a great mission in mind: to help empower women through cleaning.

Despite the many advances of cleaning equipment, cleaning still relies on human power to maintain a property.

At Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc., we will guide you into having a healthier home. We seek to improve lives, make room for new opportunities, and create personal moments that leave the most positive impact. It is our duty to make Earth a better place one cleaning at a time.



  Amy Mikhaiel

Meet Amy Mikhaiel of Amy’s Angels Cleaning – Voyage LA Magazine | LA City Guide

Each home I cleaned motivated me to want to achieve the same lifestyle these families had. I wanted to be successful and be praised for my achievements, however, I was still just a housekeeper. I did not let that stop me, for in 2010, I came up with the plan to start my own cleaning company […]

About Me – Amy Mikhaiel Coaching


I am Amy Mikhaiel, welcome to my page. I am originally from Algeria, I decided to move to the city of Los Angeles in 2008. I initially began as a housekeeper and now I am an entrepreneur and a business coach. With great desire and struggle, I established my own cleaning company.

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